Dana Pani Novel By Umera Ahmed Free Download PDF

Dana Pani Novel By Umera Ahmed

Dana Pani Novel By Umera Ahmed is a romantic novel written by well-known female author Umera Ahmed. It describes the issues and difficulties of human interactions when they’re in love. It illustrates individuals’ attitudes and feelings about love. Currently, this novel is in monthly digest Khawateen Digest published in short serials. It received positive attention from readers after the first post.

Dana Pani Novel Summary and Review

Dana Pani novel By Umera Ahmed explains the truth of life is that, when we get close to somebody, we consider invaluable and dear to us, some people lose interest in our lives. They become a roadblock in ways like this, but life happens and that is about it. However, some individuals get lost and fall into this sort of predicament.

Dana Pani is the tale of a person by the name of Motia. She is only the daughter of her parents did not have any formal knew what he learned education. Then there is the boy named Murad. He is the child of the owner of the village, which will come to Pakistan after completing his law degree. Motia is going to the station to see her friend’s wedding with her best friend.

There Murad sees her and falls in love with her. After various days, he meets with her and possibilities her. Soon, they join into a relationship, but their families’ relationship was adverse from their youth. On the opposite side, Motia’s friend Batool makes problems between the two of them because she likes Murad.

What exactly happened next? You must also read the complete series. It’s a call to action that’s powerful enough to cause emotional responses in the readers. Its subjects are love, fear, and regret.

Download Dana Pani Novel by Umera Ahmed

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