Humsafar Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download PDF

Humsafar Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Humsafar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq is a widely read social novel. It examines the tensions created by ego, selfishness, and misunderstanding within the outlooks of families. It was published in Monthly Khawateen Digest, and it became published by Ilm-o-Irfaan publishing house as a complete work in 2008.

With its highest popularity, this book was adapted into a mega-bestselling TV serial. HUM further enhanced the number one selling book into a mega-selling TV serial.

Humsafar Novel Summary and Review

Humsafar novel is a story all about Khird, Asher, and their daughter Harem. Like any other family, they experience many ups and downs in their lives. They deal with the many obstacles they come across with a clear mind and fortitude.

Khird, the main lady of the story, is the only child of her parents. Her father gets sick, and her mother raises her single-handedly. Life changes for Khird when she learns that her mother has been diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Her nerves are shocked by the thought that maybe she might suffer the same fate. Khird’s mother turns to her brother Baseerat Hussain.

Baseerat Hussain, a businessman who had gone forget everyone after starting his business, had to help his sister remember to check in with her doctor due to an illness she was suffering from. Also, he was ashamed that he had not talked to her doctor for quite a while about her health.

When the sister contacts him, he begins to fix his mistake, and he assumes responsibility for Khird by resolving the relationship between her brother Asher and her husband. Consequently, Asher and Khird got married.

The tale continues to unfold to the end. We don’t want to ruin the fun for you by drawing out your reading experience. Thus, we suggest you read the book to learn about their post-marriage lifestyle.

Download Humsafar Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

If you’re looking for a new and exciting novel to read, be sure to check out HumsafarNovel by Farhat Ishtiaq! You can read online and download this Urdu PDF novel for free, so it’s the perfect way to spend your time. Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar is also one of the famous novel of Farhat Ishtiaq.

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