Ibetad E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana Complete Download PDF

Ibetad E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana is a critically acclaimed love story with plenty of suspenseful and thrilling elements. In 2019, at 20 years old, Malisha began her career as a novelist, and her thought-provoking narratives have been widely praised.

Novels’s Summary and Review

Malisha Rana’s critically acclaimed Urdu romantic novel “Ibetad E Ishq” tells the story of a couple’s struggles to sustain their relationship in their life.

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Download Ibetad E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana

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About Writer

Malisha Ahmed Rana, born 11th June 1999 in Karachi, is an acclaimed novelist. She rose to prominence with her work, Ibetad E Ishq. Malisha is from the Rana Rajpoot caste and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

Anjaan Mohabbat Novel is the most famous novel of Malisha Rana.

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