Karna Tu Hifazat Meri Novel By Tehreem Fatima Download PDF

Karna Tu Hifazat Meri Novel By Tehreem Fatima

Karna Tu Hifazat Meri by Tehreem Fatima is a recidivist forced marriage-based Urdu novel. Tehreem Fatima is a Karachi-based Urdu novelist who writes through her Facebook page. She is the fourth youngest of five siblings. Fatima recently joined the microbiology program at Karachi University. She is so young to have made her mark in the writing of literature yet.

Summary and Review

Karna Tu Hifazat Meri is a very interesting, forced marriage story. The heroes of the tale are Aneela Begum, Hayam, Samya, Maria, and Imam. This Urdu performer besides being a romantic also. It is also a forced matrimony story.

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Download Karna Tu Hifazat Meri Novel By Tehreem Fatima

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