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Malisha Rana Urdu Novels List are known for their compelling storytelling, vivid characters, and insightful commentary on contemporary issues. Malisha Rana is a prolific author who has written a number of critically acclaimed novels. If you’re looking for a great read, here are some of Malisha Rana’s best novels that you won’t want to miss.

Malisha Rana Romantic Urdu Novels List

Malisha Rana is a renowned author of romantic Urdu novels. She has a vast collection of novels that has gained immense popularity among Urdu fiction readers. Her novels are known for their intricate plotlines and well-developed characters. Malisha Rana’s writing style is unique and captivating, which keeps the readers engaged from the beginning until the end of the story. Below you will find all romantic Urdu novel list of Malisha Rana:

Jurm E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana

Ik Teri Talb Novel by Malisha Rana

Ibetad E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana

Mamla Dil Da Aey Novel by Malisha Rana

Extreme Love Novel by Malisha Rana

Rooh E Jaan Novel by Malisha Rana

Wo Ashiqui Hai Meri Novel by Malisha Rana

Malisha Rana Sad Urdu Novels List

Malisha Rana is a well-known Urdu novelist who has gained immense popularity among Urdu readers. One of her areas of expertise is the genre of sad Urdu novels which explore themes of heartbreak, loss, and tragedy. Malisha Rana’s novels in this genre have garnered critical acclaim for their raw and honest portrayal of human emotions.

Jurm E Ishq Novel by Malisha Rana 

Kaisa Yeh Tera Ishq Novel By Malisha Rana

Humein Tum Se Pyar Kitna by Malisha Rana

Hawas Novel by Malisha Rana

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Romantic Urdu Novels

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