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Mera Sitamgar Novel by Areej Shah is a romantic and Sad Urdu story. The book is a gripping tale of romance and revenge, with many thrilling and suspenseful moments throughout. It was published on the official pages of the author and received high praise from readers.

Mera Sitamgar Novel by Areej Shah Summary and Review

The novel features a multitude of characters, with the central focus on two individuals: Shah Zar Shah, a young man of affluent background, and Abaan Hayat Khan, a girl from a middle-class family. Shah Zar Shah possessed a confident and proud demeanor, largely due to his family’s social standing and influence.

Conversely, Abaan Hayat Khan was a more reserved and innocent individual. Shah Zar Shah developed feelings for Abaan, but his advances were rebuffed. Because This rejection wounded his ego, prompting him to seek revenge against her.

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Download Mera Sitamgar Novel by Areej Shah

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Ishq Novel by Areej Shah  is a most romantic and sad Urdu novel. It contains a lot of suspense and thrill.

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