Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq PDF

Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe is a story by a preeminent female author Farhat Ishtiaq. It describes a romantic strategy, which takes into account social themes and develops many challenges.

The Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe is part of the Farhat Ishtiaq Book Safar Ki Shaam. Farhat Ishtiaq is the author of the Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe series, which is well-known to Urdu readers

Story Summary and Review

A novel script is based on a couple who fell in love with each other and decided to put everything on the line for one another. They love each other deeply, but some outdated social conventions keep them from fully committing to one another.

A couple decides to take their relationship to the next level by collaborating on a film based on their mutual admiration. They love one another greatly, but there are always negative influences keeping them from remaining wholly in participation with each other.

Download Qaim Yeh Aitbaar Rahe Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

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