Rooh E Jaan Novel by Malisha Rana Complete Download PDF

Rooh E Jaan by Malisha Rana is a Romantic Urdu Novel story centered around Mahi and her family. Malisha Ahmed Rana, born 11th June 1999 in Karachi, is the author of the novel ‘Mohama Dil Da’, which brought her fame. Of the Rana Rajpoot caste, she is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree. Her hobbies include watching horror movies and playing games, but she has only read a total of 32 novels.

Novel’s Summary and Review

Rooh E Jaan Novel by Malishais about a girl story named Mahi. She is a university student who has a penchant for university trips, which her mother disapproves of due to her perceived laziness. There are other characters such as Marukh, Ahaan, and Azlaan, who are all classmates of Mahi.

Keep your reading curiosity alive by downloading this novel and reading it in its entirety. Share your experience about the novel afterwards to give others an insight into its contents. We won’t be providing any further details, to increase the suspense. Enjoy your reading journey!

Download Rooh E Jaan by Malisha Rana

Malisha Ranahas published the Bano Novel, which is available online as read-and-downloadable pdf. To download the file, please click on the download button.

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