Sans Sakin Thi Novel By Nimra Ahmed Free Download PDF

Sans Sakin Thi Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Sans Sakin Thi is Nimra Ahmed’s autobiographical socio-political Urdu novel by her. The book was first published in Monthly Khawateen Digest and made it possible for Ahmed to build her reputation as a prolific novelist.

Nimra Ahmed is the writer of this novel, and the championship in her field doesn’t come out anywhere. This highly imaginative author doesn’t need any introduction as a result of her total skill.

Nimra Ahmed became famous very quickly just for her extraordinary writing abilities. She knows how to touch the heart of a reader through heartfelt word choice.

Novel’s Summary and Review

The story involves two characters based on their love for cricket, Amal and Riyaan. Their tale functions to demonstrate how far a person may go to exact revenge for a very painful moment in life. It also includes corruption in the cricket board.

It’s one of Nimra Ahmed’s first books, so the plot and characters have several archaic flaws. Nonetheless, it is worth a read if you’re a cricket fan.

this novel is full of thrill, revenge, nepotism, and children’s lessons. If you are a cricket fan, then this novel is a perfect pick for you to download, available now, or read online.

Download Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed

If you’re looking for a new and exciting novel to read, be sure to check out Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed! You can read online and download this Urdu PDF novel for free, so it’s the perfect way to spend your time.You can also read one of the most famous Mushaf novel By Nimra Ahmad

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