Uraan Novel By Umera Ahmed Complete Free Download PDF

Uraan Novel By Umera Ahmed

Uraan is a romantic Urdu drama written by Umera Ahmed. It was made into a television story that premiered on the Pakistani television network. Umera Ahmed is the famous writer of this Urdu novel, and because of her, her novels provide information about society, culture, and social issues from a fresh and sensational perspective. 

She writes with a lucid style and without being too elaborate. Her works always highlight social flaws and deficiencies that intimidate both honoring the readers and edifying them.

Uraan Summary and Review

You come to the center of attention in your story, but the main characters are Jawad and Sawera. Jawad’s parents are so keen on him marrying Jawad that they invited his parents to a marriage proposal. But Swera refused them and refused to marry him. In this way, various problems and complications develop between them and their families.

The story engages the reader from beginning to end and leaves a lasting impression after it’s read. If you are a fan of socio-romantic Urdu dramas, this is for you.

Download Uraan Novel by Umera Ahmed

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