Ye Mohabbatain Ye Shiddatain Novel by Haniya Shah Complete Download PDF

Ye Mohabbatain Ye Shiddatain Novel by Haniya Shah is a story about a couple who have a lot to celebrate. Hania Shah substantial work has established her status in the literary world. Her distinct views have earned her great respect.

Novel’s Summary and Review

This bookpursuit of wealth in terms of love is the origin of the two sisters’ estrangement from the father, the husband from the wife, and the son from the sister. This is the story of some lovebirds who will do anything for love.

A leading world tycoon and a saint for his sweetheart: He is an angel for his princess and the world’s most excellent business tycoon. Love needs directness and is the essence of not being intense from the need? In this story, everybody will receive it. Loves and passions together. Download the all-inclusive PDF through the link offered below.

Download Ye Mohabbatain Ye Shiddatain Novel by Haniya Shah

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